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Franco Nogarin - Recording Radium Kings - The Zone


Franco's First Band - Avatar


Franco Reunites with "The Lost Boys" @ The Zoo

Franco & Overproof Jello live at the Super Shaker

Wubba-Ska live at the Port Lounge

Ire-Cho & The Johnnys Live at The Landing


Franco & Critical Mass Live at Spring Stock 2017

The Puppies - Live at Private Stock 2017


Originally a drummer, Franco learned to play guitar then started his first band, Avatar at the age of 13, did his first paying gig at 14 and was playing in bars by 15.

In the early 90's After writing many songs he returned north from Vancouver Island and he joined up with Dana Cross, Duane Mackie, Phil Mackenzie in Hay River and formed the "Lost Boys".

Several Songs were written and recording began on an album. Due to financial constraints and disagreements with both the Label and the Studio the project was never finished. The lost boys played the Aurora College Grad Dance and the South Slave friendship festival in Fort Smith and later Franco moved there to start another band, Over Proof Jello (OPJ).

OPJ Began with the initial lineup being Wyk Parish on Leads, Franco on rhythm Franco and Andrea Cutler on vocals, Tina Bartsch on Bass, Dave Porter on Sax and Dinesh Deonerain on Drums. This band saw many people come and go, with the final lineup being Franco, Andrea Cutler (now Andrea Steed) on Lead Vocals, Dinesh , Paul Hajner on Rhythm and Gord Seymour on Bass. 

Years later he joined forces with what was left of the Electric Chair Skeletons after Noel Mackenzie (The w00kie) moved back home to Edmonton. Together they formed a reggae band called Wubba-Ska.



This band disbanded when Franco moved south to go to university and finish his degree . The reggae band reformed as Ire Cho without him. 

Franco continued to play reggae with Irie Cho until it disbanded when Heidi could no longer play.

Franco and his fellow musicians began a regular Friday Night Jam at Jack's Zone. The Group became affectionately known as Critical Mass :)

Critical mass is an ongoing project that has no end in sight. But a craving for harder and heavier music drove him to persue his dream and, finally after 40 years of wishing, Franco got to live out his dream fronting a hard rock/ heavy metal band when he and his pals formed, The Puppy Monkey Babies. After a gig or two with that handle it was shortened to "The Puppies" and finally they are known as the "Rush Puppies".

Franco contiues to perform from time to time, practice and jam all the time and sometimes writes whatever is in his heart at the moment. His music reflects his feelings but many people identify with the subjects he writes about. His debut album Critical Self Reflection is still ongoing and perhaps will never be finished. His second album REV is also in the works. Franco has been a contributor to many other musical projects as both a musician, writer, arranger and engineer. He blessed with the friendship of many musicians who both inspire him and teach him. Those musicians, young and old know who they are and mean the world to him. He has lost quite a few of these amazing people along the way, All of which are missed dearly. Those that have passed should not be forgotten and so are mentioned here as they are a major source of inspiration for him: .. Mike Heibert "Avatar"..Phil Mackenzie "Lost Boys, Electric Chair Skeletons, Nobody Knows, 2 mil poly".. Paul Grundy "2 mil Poly".. Ken Ang "IM1"




Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with numerous musicians who have contributed to or inspired my music, these are but a few in no particular order: ..John Cole(RIP) ..Mike Heibert(RIP) ..Pete "The Meat" Friesen ..Walter Foddis ..Reggie Trask ..Randy "Rev" Randall ..Duane Mackie ..Dana Cross ..Phil Mackenzie(RIP) ..Gordon Miller ..Tyler Hawkins ..Bill Wade ..Tina Barsch ..Wyk Parish ..Dave Porter ..Dinesh Deonerain ..Andrea Cutler ..Paul Hadjner ..Gord Seymour ..Noel Mackenzie ..Darin & Gerrie Holtom ..Ken Ang(RIP) ..George Peterson ..Paul Grundy(RIP) ..Chris Mcallum ..Keith Morrison ..John McKinnon ..Carl Cibart ..Dave & Veronica Johnny ..Johnny VanCamp ..Horace karnes ..Richard Holtorf ..Jack VanCamp ..Gene Seymour ..Jason Burke.. Dwayne Venema..Mike Sinclair.. Mitch Heron and last but not least, my partner, Heidi Selzler.


Yeesh. This is impossible. The Hip, Elvis, Neil Diamond, Kiss, Rush, styx, Pink Floyd, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Mario Lanza, Myron Floren, Gerry Ducett, The Beatles, Metallica, The Cult, The Preist, ACDC, blah blah blah. This list would positively go on forever. But perhaps the most influential musicians in my life were my music teachers: Mister John Cole and Gordon Miller. I reserve a special place in my heart for "The Tragically Hip" for being the most incredible Canadian Music ambassadors, and their unbelievable sense of generosity. Last but not least, My all-time favorite group of homies: The Radium Kings. If you have to ask why, them go listen to them :)