2019 - (2014) Godin Session Custom Tripleplay

Franco Nogarin's picture

This guitar, is a work of art made by a family of artisans. All the parts are hand made in Quebec Canada (Tour the factory!), the body and neck are Laurentian Tonewood and the fretboard is Laurentian Rosewood.  The Canadian parts were assembled in New Hampshire USA. This girl was made in 2013 (but is a 2014 model), and I bought it as "Used Bstock - minor blemishes and scratches" however when I opened it for the first time, it "actually" was a mint condition instrument without a single scratch, blemish or flaw. by the time I was done playing around with it on day 1, I had manages to put a few pick scuffs on the pick guard. If this beautiful axe was not cool enough as is, this model is the "Tripleplay" model, which includes the now legendary Fishman Triple Play Guitar synthesizer (I use one on my Strat every week) Built in! Thats right, not "attached" but built in by the luthiers at Godin! This will be my mainstay for the foreseable future.

According to Micheal Godin (Son of Robert, the original Godin Master Luthier), She was born on Friday December 20th, 2013, and she was the 174th guitar they built that week.