1989 - The Peavey Nitro III - Laser Red

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I bought this "Super Strat" guitar from H & S Music in Peace River, its the first Guitar I ever bought for myself, and bought it with a Peavey Rage for 1200$.

It spent a few years tethered to a Roland GR-50 guitar synth, with a GK-2 mounted on it!
A few years ago I got lucky and found another one to have for spare parts!
This has been my main guitar for most of my life, and even ended up on a few albums :)
It spent a few years on loan to Ritchie Holtorf before coming back to me for a full ressurection.
1997 - Playing with OPJ (Overproof Jello)
20 years later - 2017 - Playing with the Puppies
Nitro 3 with the Puppies
Nitro 3 brochure