1982 - The Mann (Matsumoku) AJ-640 Electric

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This was my first brand new electric guitar. At the time I was 13, my dad bought me the coolest guitar, but I thought it was lame (I was an idiot) , what he actually bought me was a rare instrument, made by Mann Guitars, but was actually designed by the infamous Matsumoku Industrial of Japan. In this picture, I am playing the Mann AJ-640 and my brother Dario is playing a Sears Copy of a Les Paul given to me by the lead singer of my band at the time, Danny Dube, who's home burned down in a fire, the Sears LP was under his bed and did not quite survive, My Dad and I tried to restore it but it stunk forever.

The AJ-640 guitar was a beautiful piece of work, and like any true teenager of the time, I did not like it because it was made of wood and was not a gibson.  This guitar was my mainstay up until I bought the Peavey Nitro III, but just before I bought the Nitro, I foolishly used a logo from a magazine and clear nail polish to cover the MANN name with a Peavey logo, sold the guitar for 200$ and spent it partying. Sad but true and it was gone forever, or so I thought. 
As I was writing this, an amazing opportunity from the guitar gods, to get my axe back happend and I bought a 640!!!!!!
Its hard to imagine, but I found this guitar being sold under the wrong model # AJ688, which is more common, I ended up paying a fair price but paid nearly double to ship it, oh well, Nostagia is usually not cheap!!
This is my new AJ-640!!!!!

Rare 80's Mann AJ-640 in mint collector's grade condition. (two dents in the body)

These were released in the "Mann Transmit Neck Collection" were distributed only in Canada by Great West Imports who was headquarted in Vancouver.

Neck thru body design for maximum sustain. Solid brass nut, brass fret markers on fingerboard and brass bridge saddles. They don't make them like this anymore to be sure

This early 80's made in Korea Mann guitar is sure to turn heads. With it's brass nut and saddles, and neck-through laminate construction, it instantly conjures up images of the Alembic guitars of the same time period.

It is loud acoustically and has great low action and easy playability.  The pickups are what amount to Dimarzio Super Distortion clones, these are typical of MIJ and MIK guitars from the same era.   the neck profile could best be described as a soft rounded v of medium thickness. Somewhere between a 50's Strat and a 59' Gibson neck.  

Furthermore, despite being a nearly all maple guitar, it doesn't tip the scale !